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Historic Places Around Las Vegas, Nevada


Las Vegas is a city is full of iconic places and historical landmarks. Whether you’re looking for something to do or want to learn more about Nevada’s history, these places offer a unique look into what makes Las Vegas special. Here are some of the historic places around Las Vegas Nevada you should visit!

Nevada Historic Sites and Landmarks

From historical forts to a neon sign boneyard, Vegas and its surrounding areas offer plenty of historic sites and icons. Likewise, you can visit these historic places around Las Vegas Nevada to see the city in a new light.

Stokes Castle Historic Landmark

Austin, NV 89310, United States

Just outside of the small Nevada town of Austin lies one of the most inspiring sights in the state. The Stokes Castle was constructed by Anson Phelps Stokes in 1986. A towering castle upon a rock, Stokes erected an intricately crafted granite landmark for his family, a vacation home away from home. Anson Stokes sold the neighboring mine, surrounding property, and the castle after completing the tower. At present, this castle is open to the public and serves as a popular tourist spot for tourists.

Stokes Castle Historic Landmark Las Vegas Nevada

Tonopah Mining Park

110 Burro Ave, Tonopah, NV 89049, United States

The one hundred acres of mining park and museum make the Tonopah Mining Museum a great place to visit. Here, you can explore old buildings as well as treasures, preserving rich Nevada’s mining history. Located on the Queen of the Silver Camps, the mining park and museum offer exploration of the Tonopah District’s most productive mine which may be seen through a rebuilt tunnel. The park also contains the Tonopah and Goldfield Railroad’s last trestle. Lastly, Tonopah Historic Mining Park is on Burro Ave.

Tonopah Mining Park Las Vegas Nevada

Gold Point Nevada

Nevada State Route 774

Gold Point Nevada is a well-preserved historic town in Nevada’s Esmeralda County. The streets of Gold Point, Nevada were once bustling with activity. Prospectors poured into the area in the mid-1860s to stake their claims. Buildings sprung up to provide entertainment, food, and shelter to miners who spent months at a time away from home. Unfortunately, Gold Point has seen better days. It’s a small town which has no traffic lights, no stop signs, only one store and one gas station — but 2,000 residents in the past! The streets previously had saloons, hotels, and stores. While mines yielded over $1,000,000 in gold and silver. Today, the population is a dozen, but it can approach 400 for big events like the Memorial Day Weekend Chili Cook-Off or the Day after Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner.

Gold Point Nevada Las Vegas Nevada

Ward Charcoal Ovens

Ely, NV 89315, United States

The landscape of Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park is dotted with the remains of North East Nevada‘s beehive-shaped charcoal stoves. These beehive-shaped stone ovens remain a fascinating mystery that has inspired legends among locals. The 30-foot-tall ovens are composed of local stone. Here, charcoal was created briefly. After Ward‘s silver smelters closed, the charcoal ovens were abandoned. The charcoal kilns were an integral part of the silver smelting industry in Nevada. Moreover, bandits, stockmen, and prospectors used them.

Ward Charcoal Ovens Las Vegas Nevada

Lost City Museum

721 S Moapa Valley Blvd, Overton, NV 89040, United States

The recreated pueblo at the museum is supposed to look like the original. In 1935, Lake Mead was slowly swallowing up Indian pueblo ruins, so archaeologists set out to save them. The Lost City Museum was constructed to preserve this historic civilization’s remnants. Today, it remains one of the best historic places around Las Vegas to visit.

Lost City Museum Las Vegas Nevada

Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park

NV-844, Austin, NV 89310, United States

Being a Fossils and Ghost Town park, Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park is the ideal place to let your imagination go wild. Visiting the park feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere. This gives visitors a chance to contemplate, shade, hike, and even collect fossils. The park has three components. Campground, ghost town, and fossil quarry. Additionally, each is a mile apart and accessible by automobile or scenic hiking trails. Berlin and the Berlin Mill, near the park entrance, have restored buildings, original artifacts, as well as, a self-guided walking trail.

Belmont Ghost Town

Manhattan, NV 89022, United States

Belmont Ghost Park draws about thousands of people each calendar year to the high desert community of Belmont, Nevada. The park was an 1870s silver boomtown ruin. Belmont was a silver mining town for only 20 years, but the courthouse is the best-preserved building. This high desert hamlet once had two saloons, restaurants, a bank, a school, and enough citizens for two newspapers.

Rhyolite Ghost Town

Bullfrog Hills

People from all over the world travel to Rhyolite to see what remains of this once booming mining town. Rhyolite, Nevada was once a bustling mining camp. However, after the Bullfrog Mining District started to run dry, it fell into decline. Since then, Rhyolite has become a ghost town for both people and buildings. The BLM now preserves Rhyolite, one of the West’s most photographed ghost towns.

Rhyolite Ghost Town Las Vegas Nevada

Nevada Northern Railway Museum

1100 Ave A, Ely, NV 89301, United States

When you visit the Nevada Northern Railway Museum, you can expect to see and experience many of these things. Ely has a rich rail heritage extending back to the early 1900s when Ely was an important mining town in the state. The steady decline began when trucks replaced trains as a primary mode of transport. Rail service deteriorated and eventually ceased in many regions. A typical visit to the Nevada Northern Railway Museum includes strolling the grounds, shopping, and, additionally, riding a steam train.

Nevada Northern Railway Museum Las Vegas Nevada

Fort Churchill State Historic Park

10000 US-95 ALT, Silver Springs, NV 89429, United States

Enjoy the historic past of Nevada at 20th-century Fort Churchill State Historic Park, a preserved fort in Silver Springs, Nevada. Fort Churchill was constructed in 1860 to protect miners, freighters, and settlers from attacks. It was the first military outpost in Nevada. Around 200 Union soldiers were stationed at the fort during the Civil War. The fort was constructed in 1860. However, the army abandoned the fort in 1869. Fort Churchill is on Highway 95A, just 50 miles north of Carson City.

Fort Churchill State Historic Park Las Vegas Nevada

How to get to Las Vegas

Flying to Las Vegas: The plane is the most time-efficient mode of transportation to and from Las Vegas if you are not passing through California on your route there.

Within the United States, traveling from one city to another by low-cost and convenient domestic flights is the norm. New York City to Las Vegas round-trip airfare is $250. (for a 6-hour flight). McCarran International Airport is the primary airport for Las Vegas’s commuters.

Traveling by car: Another common method of transportation to travel to Las Vegas is via car. Furthermore, the distance from here to Los Angeles is approximately 450 kilometers.

If you already have a rental car and Las Vegas is a halfway point on your itinerary, then this is an excellent alternative for you. Without a doubt, flying is the cheapest choice. Los Angeles or San Francisco to Las Vegas round-trip flights sometimes cost less than $50.

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