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The Weather and Climate in Las Vegas, NV


Are you curious about the weather in Las Vegas? Or what the climate is like here? Wonder no more! In this post, we’ll give you a quick overview of the weather and climate in Sin City. Plus, we’ll let you know what to expect at any time of the year. So whether you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas or are just curious, read on for all the details!

Las Vegas Weather and Climate all year round

The Las Vegas climate is a hot desert subtropical climate with arid and sunny weather. It is located in the Mojave Desert. In reality, Las Vegas weather is among the sunniest in the world, with an annual average of more than 3,800 hours, or 300 days of sunshine, implying that there is almost never a bad time to come.

Las Vegas weather by month

  • January’s average temperature is 9.7 °C (49 °F), with a low of 4.7 °C (40.5 °F) and a high of 14.7 °C (58.5 °F).
  • February’s average temperature is 11.9 °C (54 °F), with a low of 6.7 °C (44.1 °F) and a high of 17.2 °C (62.9 °F).
  • March’s average temperature is 16 °C (61 °F), with a low of 10.3 °C (50.5 °F) and a high of 21.7 °C (71.1 °F).
  • April’s average temperature is 19.8 °C (68 °F), with a low of 13.8 °C (56.9 °F) and a high of 25.8 °C (78.5 °F).
  • May’s average temperature is 25.2 °C (77 °F), with lows of 18.9 °C (66.1 °F) and highs of 31.4 °C (88.5 °F).
  • June’s average temperature is 30.9 °C (88 °F), with a low of 24.3 °C (75.8 °F) and a high of 37.4 °C (99.4 °F).
  • July’s average temperature is 34.0 °C (93 °F), with a low of 27.8 °C (82 °F) and a high of 40.3 °C (104.5 °F).
  • August’s average temperature is 33.2 °C (92 °F), with a low of 27 °C (80.6 °F) and a high of 39.3 °C (102.8 °F).
  • September’s average temperature is 28.7 °C (84 °F), with a low of 22.4 °C (72.4 °F) and a high of 34.9 °C (94.9 °F).
  • October’s average temperature is 21.3 °C (70 °F), with a low of 15.3 °C (59.6 °F) and a high of 27.3 °C (81.2 °F).
  • November’s average temperature is 14 °C (57 °F), with lows of 8.5 °C (47.3 °F) and highs of 19.5 °C (67.1 °F).
  • December’s average temperature is 9.0 °C (48 °F), with a low of 4.2 °C (39.6 °F) and a high of 13.8 °C (56.9 °F).

Snowfall in Las Vegas

With an annual snowfall of 0.3 inches, Las Vegas is less snowy than much of Nevada. With 0.2 inches of snow, December is the snowiest month in Las Vegas, and no other months produce considerable snowfall.

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Rainfall in Las Vegas

From December 13 to March 16, the rainy season lasts 3.1 months, with a typical 31-day rainfall of at least 0.5 inches. February is the wettest month in Las Vegas, with an average rainfall of 0.8 inches.

The year’s rainless season lasts 8.9 months, from March 16 to December 13. June had the least rain in Las Vegas, with an average rainfall of 0.1 inches.

Rain in Las Vegas Nevada


Average Temperature in Las Vegas

From June 3 to September 16, average daily maximum temperatures are typically above 95°F. July is the hottest month in Las Vegas, averaging 104°F and 80°F.

From November 19 to February 24, the average daily maximum temperature is below 66°F. December is Las Vegas’ coldest month, with lows of 39°F and highs of 58°F.


You can spend as much time as you want by the pool in June, July, and August. The trick is to switch between the shallow part of the pool and your reclining chair. You may fully unwind with a couple of beverages and a club sandwich. Despite the heat, the summer months bring higher average temperatures, ideal for lounging by the pool and wandering the promenade at night.

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Spring and Fall

While spring and fall do not truly exist in Las Vegas, the greatest seasons to visit are around the typical spring and fall months. This time of year has the greatest Las Vegas climate.

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During the winter, Las Vegas weather may decrease at night but linger around. Las Vegas rarely gets snow, so there’s no need to shovel. Real winter weather is nonexistent in Las Vegas. However, it can get cold. In this arid town, climate control is a science; you’ll rarely be uncomfortable indoors.

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Best Time to Visit Las Vegas

The best months to visit Las Vegas are March to May and September to November. While there are lots of travel offers available throughout the year, the spring and fall shoulder seasons offer the most pleasant weather. During the winter months, especially around New Year’s Eve, the Super Bowl, and Valentine’s Day, Sin City sees an influx of visitors, and the hot summers see daytime temperatures approach 100 degrees.

So, when is the best time to visit Las Vegas? The answer really depends on what you’re looking for. If you want to avoid crowds and enjoy mild weather, spring and fall are great times to go. Winter is a fantastic time to enjoy the city’s casino bargains and activities.

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